Sylvia Klein  is an Ottawa artist featured in solo exhibitions in New York, Europe and Canada.  Her media choices include acrylic paint, sculpture, large format & illuminated ciba-chromes and photography, with a focus on digital photo manipulation. Her passion for all things artistic led to 30+ years of experience teaching visual arts, an ongoing occupation she continues to enjoy.

Comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome, just drop me a note, or leave a message in my guest book.

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Site Announcements

January 1, 2017

Hello  and  Happy New Year

A friend  pointed out to me today that an update would be good.

I have been  creating my art on  an I Pad for the past 4 years.

Upgraded from the 2 to 3 & now  using the new economical PRO.

Still doing photography with digital cameras and have delighted in my I Phone 6 the past 2 years. The 7 plus is on it’s way.

I shall make every effort to resume my daily “Today’s Image” once i refresh myself on just how to do it.Do keep looking for it.

There have been  several excellent trips during this time.

London    Berlin    Venice    Denmark     New York City

Have exhibited a few of my new works.

February  1, 2012

You can now order any one of my art or photographs as personalized cards. Email (see above) me to haggle about the final cost and shipping. Custom artwork would be a joy!

April 8,2010

I am off for a 10 day trip to Barcelona Spain to visit Gaudi sites and other fascinating art sites &  museums .

I will post my image of the day in my April Archives-Mobile me Gallery.. ..if  the internet cooperates !

December 5 ,2009

Consider  giving my art as gifts for family and friends

Ju ly 19,2009

Haley and I  leave for Rome,Florence and Venice - Visiting

Antiquities , and museums

August 15,2008

Haley ( my 15 year old grand daughter )  and I leave for Paris & Amsterdam for 2 weeks of museum  visits.

October 3, 2007

A guest book has been added to the site, so you can now leave comments directly for others to share.  Layout design is being updated as well!

July 17, 2007

Reminiscing my two week trip to France last year . Photos installed in their own gallery.


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